Tranzcare offers a range of services around Gender Identity/ Gender Variance for both individuals and organisations.

Most people take gender for granted; they are either male or female and have the appropriate genitalia for that gender. For a small percentage of the population, however, this doesn't hold true.

For years Trans people have had to face discrimination, marginalisation and ridicule. Over the past 20 years, however, changes to the law have brought a degree of protection for some - but not all - Trans individuals. These changes impose significant obligations on organisations, especially in the Public Sector. Tranzcare can help those organisations to meet those obligations as well as train relevant staff to understand the special needs of Trans individuals.

For Organisations

Tranzcare provides a range of services for the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors including:

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For Individuals

Tranzcare provides counselling, mentoring and coaching for individuals with gender variance/ gender identity issues whether binary or non-binary or gender fluid. Sessions can either be face to face in Salford - or using Zoom or Skype.

Fees are negotiable and based on an individual's ability to pay - I have never turned anyone away just because they can't afford to contribute. That said, I have recently retired so now need to ensure that I do cover the costs incurred in providing the service.

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