Counselling, Mentoring & Coaching

Tranzcare provides counselling, mentoring and coaching for individuals with gender variance/ gender identity issues whether binary or non-binary or gender fluid including:

Trans – however you define that:

Sessions can either be face to face in Salford - or using Zoom or Skype.


If you have issues around gender identity, you may find it helpful to talk about them with someone who understands what you are facing and may be able to provide signposting to appropriate services. If you are attending a GIC, you may have concerns that you don’t want to discuss with the psychiatrists – nor anyone else linked to the service in case it impacts on your treatment. Seeing an independent counsellor means you can raise those issues in confidence.

I have been counselling individuals formally in this field since 2001. Prior to that I had been providing informal support via Internet chat lines and inviting isolated individuals to meet with me for a coffee – or to take them out for the first time; often down the Gay Village in Manchester.

After a couple of visitors that stretched my ability/ expertise, I decided I needed professional training if I was to continue with this work and I started my training as a counsellor.

I have been involved with a number of Trans support groups around the country – including Inner Enigma in Manchester. This was aimed specifically at Transsexual/ Intersexed individuals and those seriously questioning whether they were Transsexual. I Chaired the organisation for many years during which time it was registered as a Charity.

Having completed the Counsellor training, I continued with training as a Supervisor so that I could support other members of Inner Enigma’s team including the befrienders.

Mentoring & Coaching

While Counselling can be considered to be dealing with issues that might impact on the client’s day to day life, Mentoring and Coaching can be seen as helping the client to develop past that stage and make the most of their lives. Counselling might be compared with a physiotherapist helping a sports person deal with an injury – then a Mentor/ Coach helping them to improve their performance once they have recovered from the injury.

Mentoring tends to be client led – helping where the individual identifies an issue. Coaching is more directive with the coach setting objectives designed to stretch the individual; perhaps pushing them outside of their comfort zone (albeit with the agreement of the client, obviously).



Counselling Fees are negotiable and based on an individual's ability to pay - I have never turned anyone away just because they can't afford to contribute. That said, I ham now retired so now need to ensure that I do cover the costs incurred in providing the service.

The standard rate is usually £1 per session per £1,000 of income. However, as Trans clients frequently face significant additional costs, the fee is usually reduced. The minimum will usually be £10 per session (unless the client genuinely can’t afford this amount) and the maximum £40 per session.

Mentoring and Coaching

The rate for Mentoring and Coaching is £1 per session per £1,000 of income with a minimum charge of £25per session.

What clients have said:

I have to say that Helen is very good i really recommend her

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time and kindness you have helped me find my way it’s been a long journey from the time we first met for the first session back all those years, when i was on the fence as it were!

you have helped bring out the inner person and help rid me of my doubts and misgivings.
i want you to know i am a better person, my true self with your guidance, but you have rightly never lead me just showed me the route."

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