John Gray suggested that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus — but have you ever wondered what it’s like to feel you are on the wrong planet or to travel from one to the other or about what’s involved?

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But how accurate are these programmes and reports?

Whether you are merely curious about gender variance or want to find out more because you deal with or may have to deal with trans/ gender variant people at work, as friends or members of your family, this workshop is the answer.

It will also examine the difference between male and female brains — why the sexes behave differently and, perhaps, help attendees to understand each other better. As there are significant levels of common ground between gender identity and sexuality, those working with gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals should also find this workshop of value.

The session then looks at Helen’s own personal journey, how she hid her secret for decades, how she came out to friends and family and at work – with humorous anecdotes on the way; her thought processes as she decided whether transition was appropriate; the treatment involved and her life post transition and surgery.

I am an experienced presenter of workshops dealing with trans issues; I chaired a charity supporting transsexual and intersexed individuals; am a counsellor specialising in gender identity issues and a counselling supervisor. I have received national awards for my work in this area including the Butler Trust award presented by Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace.

Talks to voluntary organisations and charities and social groups in the Northwest are charged expenses and I ask for a donation to trans/LGBT charities; commercial and public sector organisations' talks are chargeable at commercial  rates.

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