Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams” was inspired by a genuine incident related in “Transgender Tales”.

In 1966, when I was just 19, I took a train from London to Bournemouth. I changed on the train then walked along the sea front and caught the Sandbanks ferry over to Studland Bay.  

Once there, I had a swim then sunbathed in an orange bikini.  

I noticed a guy watching me and I made a hasty retreat.

But, what if I hadn’t noticed him?

What if he’d approached me - as Roger approaches Vicky in Summer Dreams?

What if there had been a different outcome?

I’ll let Vicky tell you about Summer Dreams:

I’m Vicky but I was David.

I was sunbathing in sand dunes near Bournemouth in 2003, when Roger found me and changed my life.  

After spending a heavenly holiday with him as Vicky, I just couldn’t face reverting to David. I knew, though, that becoming Vicky permanently was impossible. There was only one option, I tried to kill myself.

Roger saved me then showed how life as Vicky was possible.

Summer Dreams tells of my transition journey, the diagnosis by a shrink, medical treatment, surgery and recovery afterwards. My journey includes coming out to family and friends and their reactions, some of which were very difficult to deal with, especially my twin brother’s and the abuse we faced from him and others.  

But being trans is just part of who I am. I have a normal life too and it tells how our relationship developed, our work together, sailing trips, a rescue at sea; our wedding and nearly disastrous honeymoon and our plans for the future.  

You meet other transwomen and their various experiences:

Mia, a young offender in a male prison, in spite of living as female for years, whom I befriended; the abuse she faced in and out of prison and the difficult choices she’d had to make just to survive;

Michaela, an older activist who advised me on training prison officers on trans issues when I was asked to provide workshops for staff dealing with Mia;

Laura, a post-op transwoman desperate searching for a man to take her post-surgery virginity;

Jacqui an older transwoman who’s ex-special forces and

Marilyn — whom we could have done without.

Want to know more? Click on the link to see a sample from Chapter One

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