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Counselling & Casework Supervision

If you are working with Gender Variant/ Trans individuals (however you want to define that term), I can offer Supervision backed by around 20 years’ experience of the community as well as a formal Casework Supervision qualification. This support is not only for Counsellors. It is also likely to benefit anyone involved in support roles for Trans people from running/ helping at Support Groups, Befriending Services/ Telephone Helplines – or in a wider Social Services role.

I’ve been Counselling Trans People since 2000. Prior to that, I was on a Helpline as well as providing informal support on line. I have Chaired a Trans Charity and Trans/ LGB&T Staff Associations and Groups. I am currently a Role Model with Diversity Role Models.

Role of Supervision

I see the role of Supervision as to:


We can either meet face to face at an agreed venue (usually my home) or via Skype.


The standard fee is £30 per standard session via Skype or at the Supervisor’s home. This may be subject to negotiation where the Supervisee only provides free counselling and is unable to reclaim supervision expenses from a placement

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