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The Supervisor

The Supervisor, Helen Dale, abides by the British Association of Supervisors' Code of Ethics.


Gender Recognition Act Disclosure of Protected Information

Section 22 of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 prohibits the disclosure of “protected information” except under specified circumstances.  Protected information relates to an application for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) or, if the individual has a GRC, to information about their previous gender.

This could prevent the Counsellor from referring the Client to other services that might be appropriate including referring the Client to any support groups and the Supervisor from helping the Supervisee in this respect. The Supervisee should obtain the client’s permission for the counsellor to disclose “protected information” where necessary to obtain support for the Client from other agencies and services. This permission to remain in force until the Client gives notice in writing withdrawing that permission.

Where “protected information” is passed on it will be to named individuals who have been advised of their obligations under the GRA not to disclose it further without permission from the client.


Frequency/ length of sessions

Record Keeping

The Supervisor will maintain case notes of the sessions.


The Supervisor will provide reports to Colleges or other training establishments or counselling placements if requested to do so by the Supervisee. There may be a charge for producing reports if more than a confirmation of number and dates of sessions is required.

Supervisee’s Rights

Supervisee’s Responsibilities

Supervisor’s Rights

Supervisor’s Responsibilities


The standard fee is £30 per standard session via Skype or at the Supervisor’s home. This may be subject to negotiation where the Supervisee only provides free counselling and is unable to reclaim supervision expenses from a placement.     


At least 24 hours’ notice must be given of cancellation if possible.

In emergencies, the Supervisee should attempt to notify the Supervisor as soon as possible when it is clear that s/he is unable to attend. If s/he is unable to contact the Supervisor, a message should be left on or a text sent to the Supervisor’s mobile. The Supervisor undertakes to reciprocate.

Failure to attend without notice

If a Supervisee does not attend a session and does not provide at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation on two occasions, the Supervisor will require a deposit of £40 against future “failures to attend without 24 hours’ notice” before further sessions can be arranged. In the event of any further “failures to attend without notice”, the deposit shall be forfeit and a further deposit shall be due before further sessions can be arranged.

Attending sessions under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Please ensure that you do not arrive for sessions under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Mobile Phones

Please ensure that your mobile phone is switched off during sessions.

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