A Tale of Two Lives

A funny thing happened on the way to the Palace


When I’ve related bits and pieces from my past, friends and colleagues have often said that I should write an autobiography. They seem to think some of the things I’ve done have been “interesting/ unusual”. Having read other memoires, I’ve found the most interesting ones were often those with which I could identify – where I recognise locations or events.

Well, if you:
• Were a baby boomer
• Or RAF Brat
• Or Cub, Scout, Senior or Rover,
• Attended English School of Paris
• Were an Officer Cadet in the RAF
• Enjoy sailing or flying or diving
• Know Manchester’s Gay Village
• Are/ have identified as transgendered
• Work(ed) for the Probation Service (before it was dismembered).
• A member of LAGIP or a:gender
• A Spice member
Then you’ll certainly find shared experiences in my autobiography. Perhaps you were actually there at the time – perhaps you know me.

Even some of my closest family & friends are likely to learn things about me that I haven’t previously revealed.

Hopefully, my story will increase understanding of what it means to be Trans – and, perhaps, show those on the path of transition that there can be light at the end of what often seems to be a very long and dark tunnel. Maybe you can avoid some of the mistakes that I’ve made along the way. Perhaps you can adapt some of the approaches that did work for me.

Readers’ Comments

"an excellent read and filled in some of the gaps in your eventful life. It was a brave thing to write it but I would not expect anything less from you"

"I've read the book and found it very interesting, down to earth, no holds barred, and for me personally extremely helpful in understanding a close relative in a similar situation. Well done, I look forward to the next one."

"a riveting read"

“I was awake until 2 am reading it!”

“A book about journeys and self discovery and how to weather life's ups and downs. Fascinating insights into Helen's transition story richly peppered with the fullness of family, friendship, work and really living life to the full. Yes Helen you have made a difference”

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