Intersex covers a number of conditions where the individual has indeterminate or ambiguous sexual characteristics. This may or may not be apparent at birth. In the past, they would often be “assigned” to the sex of the most dominant genital characteristic very soon after birth. More recently, the decision has been deferred until later in life so that the individuals themselves can decide whether they identify as male or female (or neither).


See She-male/ Ladyboy



Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual ,Trans, Queer or Questioning, Intersex


You ‘mis-gender’ someone when you refer to them using a word, especially a pronoun or a form of address, that does not correctly reflect the gender with which they identify

Non-binary person

Someone who does not subscribe to the customary binary approach to gender, and who may regard themselves as neither male nor female, or both male and female, or take another approach to gender entirely.

Some individuals who prefer to identify as a gender that is neither male nor female may also use the term Gender Warriors, Transgender Warriors, Gender Queer, Pan-gendered, Inbetweenie, Intergendered.


Not intending to have GRS

Pre-Op/ Post-Op

Before/ after gender reassignment surgery.


For example ‘she’ or ‘he’.  Some individuals, including some intersex people, may prefer the gender neutral pronoun  such as ‘they’. Other gender neutral pronouns are listed at the end of this table


Is assigned as male/female based on the appearance of a baby’s genitalia at birth.

Sexual orientation

This includes lesbian, gay man, bisexual person and heterosexual. Pansexual (attracted to all expressions of gender so includes Non-Binary/ Gender Fluid)

Also “asexual” – not sexual attracted to others (often the case with trans individuals, particularly pre-op).

She-male/ Ladyboy

Retain male genitalia and often have breast enhancements; may be (but are not necessarily) pre-op transsexual. The term “She-male” is usually ascribed to individuals offering “exotic” sex due to combination of breasts and penis. Ladyboy is used more to describe an entertainer (eg Ladyboys of Bangkok). These terms are often offensive to trans people.


Living as a non-trans person – blending into the general community. Concealing a transsexual history.

Put 10 trans people in a room and I guarantee you’ll come up with at least a dozen different definitions. There is no complete consensus – and interpretations do change. This is how I’ve used the following terms on this website.

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