Individuals identifying as Non-binary prefer alternatives to “He”, “She” “His” “Hers”. Some may accept “They” / “Their”  others prefer:

Traditional pronouns

He/ She/ They

His/ Her/ Their

Him/ Her/ Them

Non-binary pronouns

‘E, Ey, Hu, Jee, Peh, Per, Thon, Shi, Ve, Xe, Ze, Zhe

Eir,  ‘S, Hir, Hus, Jeir, Peh’s, Per, Thons, Vis, Xyr, Zer, Zes, Zher(s), Zir,

Em, ‘H, Hum, Jem, Mer, Pehm, Per, Thon, Ver, Xem, Zhim

There will almost certainly be new alternatives added to the list while others fall into disuse

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Put 10 trans people in a room and I guarantee you’ll come up with at least a dozen different definitions. There is no complete consensus – and interpretations do change. This is how I’ve used the following terms on this website.

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