Care and Management of Transgender Offenders Workshops

NOMS published PSI 17/2016 / PI 16/2016 “The Care and Management of Transgender Offenders” in November 2016 for full implementation by 1st January 2017.  The conclusions of the Review and the PSI/PI refer to the need for staff to be trained in applying the new Instructions and a wider understanding Trans issues.

I have 15+ years’ experience of providing such workshops to Prison and Probation Staff while I was employed by Greater Manchester Probation and was on the committee of LAGIP (including several years as Chair/ Vice Chair). For much of this time, I served on various National Probation Service/ NOMS National Diversity Boards effectively acting as the Trans lead. I also chaired Inner Enigma, a Trans Charity in Manchester, which had a contract with Greater Manchester Probation to support Trans offenders both in the community and in custody – of around 20 offenders supported, only 2 or 3 re-offended within 2 years.

As part of my official role as IT Project Manager, I was responsible for introducing all major IT systems including NOMIS, OASys and Delius/nDelius, I also managed the Information Security project – so have solid understanding of issues around recording information.

My workshops consistently achieve excellent feedback with average scores of 4.7/5 for “Meeting the stated objectives”, “Being effectively presented” and “I will be able to apply the learning”. I received the “Communications Award” at the first NPS Diversity Awards and a Butler Trust Award as well as several Staff awards from GMPT for this work. Following the Butler Trust Award, I undertook a special qualification “Developing and Disseminating Good Practice in Correctional Settings”

You can, therefore, be assured of high quality and knowledgeable content.

I have now developed my workshops to cover the new Prison and Probation Instructions and I am pleased to offer these for your staff. They can be tailored to suit your needs but I would recommend ½ day sessions which would include

The workshops include presentations and audience participation including syndicate sessions.

Typical 1/2 day Programme:






Feedback from delegates

What I plan to cover 


List of labels

Feedback/ presentation

Trans Spectrum


What's difference between male & female? Physical/ mental

Syndicates & feedback

Brain sex test 




Specific Issues faced by trans people


Possible Scenarios you could face

Syndicates & feedback

Implications of Gender Recognition Act 2004 & Equality Act 2010


Question & Answers

Open Forum

Target Audience

This workshop will be of interest to those dealing with individuals with gender identity issues (transgendered, transsexual, transvestite, intersexed, non-binary and gender fluid) in Courts, Prisons and Probation (NPS and CRCs). As there is significant common ground between gender identity and sexuality, those working with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients should also find this workshop of value.


At the end of the workshop, attendees should be aware of:

Delegates should also be in a position to avoid getting a criminal record themselves and facing a £5,000 fine.

Assessment as a Presenter

Typical evaluations from workshops

Assessments of Helen's presentations are consistently very positive - scoring an average of 4.7/5 on meeting objectives, effectively presented and delegates being able to apply the learning.

Comments on presentations/ workshops:

very good presentation. Fully made me aware of how little knowledge I had of the issues; thanks

comprehensive information well presented; I'd like more training

whole input was informative and empowering; very useful information delivered in an accessible manner

facilitator/ trainer very informed/ knowledgeable on subject

loads of useful information; needed to be longer

enjoyed the briefing, Helen made the event fun but filled us all in on all the facts and provided lots of insight and knowledge

the event should be mandatory for all staff to attend

Quite seriously it was the most fact filled, fascinating talk that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

I really enjoyed your talk. I usually get bored after 30 mins on zoom but you held my attention.

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